Chandeliers in the Kitchen

Kitchens are practical places - they are where food is stored, meals are prepared and dishes are washed. But, as they say, opposites attract, so we thought we'd go on a search for examples of adding a classically frivolous item to a very hard-working room - why not have a chandelier in the kitchen? It works in the bath!

And, while we did classify the chandelier as frivolous above, that is only in terms of its reputation - it actually is a great way to shed a little (or alot) of overhead light on the serious subjects of both food prep and math homework being done at the kitchen table!

Shown above, top row, left to right:
1. Skona Hem via Planet Pink n Green
2. Domino via Planet Pink n Green
4. Domino via Planet Pink n Green
5. The City Sage

Shown above, bottom row, left to right:
6. Young House Love
7. Brabourne Farm
8. The City Sage
9. Country Living
10. Light Amber

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