How Does Your House Look In The Summer?

How Does Your House Look In The Summer?

Janie Lee
Jul 22, 2011

Although I can't believe it, the calendar tells me it's mid-summer already. Summer activities and trips are in full swing and our house definitely looks the part. Even though I like to admire a clean, minimalist aesthetic, I heart a lived-in home. So what changes have occurred around our house since summer rolled around?

• We're living in flip-flops and sandals (and barefeet) as much as we can. These casual shoes take up less space and usually don't require the care other shoes do. Rather than find space in our shoe storage system, a basket by the back door (similar to the one shown) holds everyone's footwear and the little ones can dig in to find their own matching pairs.

• Coat hooks hold clean beach towels and tote bags with extra swimwear.

• Our extra large platter has found a semi-permanent home on the kitchen counter to hold all of summer's delicious fruits.

• Our nature table has doubled in size.

• In the late evenings, the back of the house glows violet from our trusty bug zapper lamp.

• And an old glass jar is filled and then emptied again of coins for visits to the ice cream truck.

What does your house look like in the summer?

The image above comes from a gallery on House to Home filled with ideas of making your home summer-ready for kids - check it out.

(Image: David Brittain/House to Home)

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