Super-Organized Arts & Craft Storage

Super-Organized Arts & Craft Storage

Janie Lee
Jul 29, 2011

Jackie switched her kids from daycare to staying at home with a nanny, but she wanted to have a palce for them to do arts and crafts like a classroom. So how did she do it?

Jackie explains "We also need a place to organize all the stuff that goes along with those activities. In a very small 3 foot space of wall we used the vertical space to maximize storage for all the kids art and craft supplies. The Ikea Trofast collection was the perfect solution. The bins come all the way out and can be brought to the nearby table when their contents are needed."

We're loving how super-organized all of her supplies are. She's got kid-friendly items in accessible, labeled drawers while things like scissors and glues are stored high above. Want to see more of what Jackie has stashed in all those fabulous buckets, bins and drawers? Run over to her blog Teal and Lime and see for yourself here and here.

Thanks Jackie!

(Images: Jackie/Teal and Lime)

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