Roundup: Medium-Sized Rugs Under $200

Roundup: Medium-Sized Rugs Under $200

Sarah Coffey
Nov 15, 2007

It can be tough to find the right rug (or 2) to anchor a room, and large rugs can cost a lot. We've been looking for a while for a living room rug, so we put together this roundup of rugs under $200. They range from about 6x4 to 5x8 feet and include solids, stripes, textures and patterns.

Patterned Rugs:
Block Leaf Rug from Urban Outfitters, $68 for 5' x 7'
Hand-Tufted Vente Wool Rug from, $199.99 for 5' x 8'
Hand-Hooked Oxford Tile Wool Rug at, $139.99 for 5' x 8'

Textured Rugs:
Wool Flokati Rug from World Market, $149 for 5' x 7'
Flor Morning Coffee Tiles from CB2, $165 for 5' x 7'

Striped Rugs:
Unni Rand Rug from IKEA, $149 for approx. 5-1/2' x 7-1/2'
Flor Shirt Stripe Tiles from CB2, $165 for 5' x 7'
Striped Jute Rug from Viva Terra, $125 for 4' x 6'

Solid Rugs:
Burke Shag Rug from Target, on sale for $69 for 5' x 8'
Jute Boucle Rug from West Elm, $109 for 5' x 8'
Hand-Tufted Red Border Wool Rug from, $199.99 for 5' x 8'

Any other suggestions for good, inexpensive medium-to-large rugs?

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