CFLs: Just an Interim?

CFLs: Just an Interim?

Nov 2, 2007

What is the lighting of the future? Treehugger points us to an article in the International Herald Tribune on the subject. We've heard strong opinions here on how ATers feel about the CFL and the light it gives off. So we're wondering where do you draw the line between good for the environment, and good for your environment?

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Industrial designers notoriously struggle with the CFL, in fact Tom Dixon has invented Blow, a light fixture designed to offset the CFL's icy tones. He's working to develop a new low-energy bulb, that will counter the aesthetic problems of the CFL. However, the International Herald Tribune sees LEDs as the way of the future, although they're not quite in the price range of the normal household. We've been struggling with our apartment's lighting recently, and glow of the CFL. The question in our minds, do we design around it or do we sit in the dark and wait for a better option?

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