Green Roofs for Animal Houses at Sustainable Pet Design

Green Roofs for Animal Houses at Sustainable Pet Design

Colleen Quinn
Sep 5, 2008

We have written about green roofs before, but have never seen them on houses designed for animals until now. Sustainable Pet Design claims the Greenrrroof Animal Home "smells good, grows plants, attracts butterflies, filters water, insulates, and repels fleas, naturally"...

The house are custom built and custom planted for your pet. Though pre-planted houses cannot be shipped outside of CA, the company will ship unplanted homes and recommend appropriate plants to pet owners in other states. The houses are built from untreated red cedar, painted with zero VOC paint, and waterproofed using beeswax.

Given the high prices (the red home posted above starts at $1000 for an extra-small dog while the birdhouse to the left is $300), these are obviously designed for a niche market.

We do however believe this would be a great DIY project for a handy pet owner- any takers? If you build it, we promise to post pictures!

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