Best Buy's "Secret Site" = Not -So-Secret-Issues

Best Buy's "Secret Site" = Not -So-Secret-Issues

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 13, 2007

Best Buy has confirmed that it does, in fact, have a second website "for what one could assume is for the purpose of defrauding its customers," according to Slashdot. The nearly-identical intranet site has been used to show customers a higher price than listed on the internet.

This isn't the first time the consumer electronics retailer has gotten into trouble for defrauding customers:

They paid $135,000 in New Jersey three years ago to settle that state's suit accusing them of deceptive sales practices, repackaging used merchandise and selling it as new, and failing to pay rebates and refunds. A similar case in Ohio is on-going.

The Minneapolis, Minnesota company operates 1,100 stores in the US, Canada and China.

Graphic from Gizmodo

- kate

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