Flowers Wall Mural

Flowers Wall Mural

Mar 12, 2007

Is it spring, yet? Because we are craving brighter colours, sunshine, and flowers, and this four-panel wall mural is just what we need right now.

We love the strong colours, especially the oranges and pinks together, and the unfussy way it adds flowers to the room without being overly floral. We also love its size.

A whopping 6'W x 6'H, this mural is pre-pasted and because it comes in four panels it shouldn't be too difficult to hang. Of course, we might like it better if we could pick and choose between the 4 panels - wouldn't a whole wall of just those daisies on the orange background be pretty fabulous? Alas, the mural is stifling our inner control freak, but at $129.99 for all four panels, we are willing to be flexible.

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