The Gallery: Photographer Masood Kamandy

The Gallery: Photographer Masood Kamandy

Amy Azzarito
Dec 4, 2008

We first learned of New York photographer Masood Kamandy in relation to his effort to create a four-year bachelor's degree program in photography at Kabul University in Afghanistan — a major feat considering that photography had been forbidden in Afghanistan under the orders of the Taliban. We fell in love with his hauntingly beautiful images then, so we were excited to learn that he's finally joined the world of e-commerce.

The bears at Kabul Zoo look up eagerly as visitors sit on the ledge and throw bread to them.

South Dakota: A metal deer on the lawn of a junk shop

A fountain in winter

Densely packed magazines at The New York Times Magazine's former headquarters 229 West 43rd Street

Of course, not all Masood Kamandy's prints are of Afghanistan, but our favorite is Bears at the Kabul Zoo. We love having original artwork on our walls, but no one would ever mistake us for an artist, so we're happy to support the work of our local artists.

Each print is sold for $210, which includes shipping. There are currently eight prints offered for sale on the site, and we hope Masood continues to add to the list of prints available.

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