Heather's clever post on the Canyon Waste Basket at Crate and Barrel got us thinking about the multiple uses for this unassuming object. As long as you've got a good-looking basket, why not clean it up and promote it out of the garbage business? (We like these Pablo Medina Wastebaskets at Design Public as magazine racks, $48 each.) Click below for the full list...

• Store rolled towels inside for a spa-inspired bathroom accessory.
• Use a watertight waste basket as a vase for flowers or branches.
• Store magazines and newspapers inside a rectangular waste basket.
• Use a watertight waste basket as an ice bucket.
• Keep it by the front door and use as an umbrella stand.
• Turn a metal, wood, or glass waste basket upside-down and use as a side table.
• Use it to store mailing tubes with artwork rolled inside. (Click here for the how-to.)
• Use stylish and colorful waste baskets as storage bins in a child's room.
• Large waste baskets can be used for laundry.
• Store firewood next to the hearth in a sturdy waste basket.
• Use a metal can as a catch-all for sports equipment (basketball, yoga mat, etc.)
• In an entryway, use it to hold scarves, gloves, and hats.

See Heather's original post for more information on a few of these ideas.