FIt Your Home to Your Life, Not Your Life to Your Home

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This weekend, we visited a friend's house for the first time. She's frustrated by her space. It's uncomfortable, it doesn't work, she doesn't like it. We've heard the same complaints from many of our readers. It's a big problem where the answer's found when you start by asking yourself a simple question...

"What is my home for?" "What do I want to do here?". If what you use your home for is to have friends over for casual get-togethers while also serving as your home office, you need some comfy, casual couches that invite haning out and a good workspace to spread out in. You don't need a formal dining room. If you're always having friends crash at your place, you need a space that converts to guest sleeping quarters easily. And, if you use your house mostly for sleeping, take a cue from designer Thomas O'Brien who put his bedroom in the living room space of his small home. Whether your home is small or large, open plan or a warren of rooms, the key is to make your home fit your life, not your life fit your home. And then, it'll work for you.