Kast van een Huis Closets

Kast van een Huis Closets

Janie Lee
Mar 21, 2007

Go to town with these charming multi-functional storage units. Marie-Louise Reesink designed Kast van een Huise Closets after becoming frustrated with the paucity of good looking storage for children.

The furniture units are inspired by the architecture of 17th and 18th century canalhouses, famous in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Placing several units next to one another creates a "street of closets," a look we love.

In addition to serving as clothing storage, the units work as bookcases, cupboards, office furniture, toy storage or room divider.

Kast van een Huis closets come in various sizes, colors and facades. All ordering information is available here.

(via Bloesem)

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