NEWS: Soprano's Sale

NEWS: Soprano's Sale

Aaron Able
Jun 19, 2007

Badda-Bing! Perhaps that insane espresso machine can be yours! According to Gothamist and Logo, this Craigslist post refers to the set and prop sale for HBO's famous Crime Family. While most of the home decor was a little...loud, perhaps there was something in Dr. Melfi's office that you liked? What would you buy?...

44th Road between 21st Street and 23rd Street, across from 21-36 44th Road (just across the 59th Street Bridge)

10 am to 3 pm

Tuesday June 19 - Friday June 22 AND Monday June 25

Cash and carry, no checks, no credit

Plenty of furniture, lamps, rugs, antiques, books, kitchen and bathroom accesories etc. - a warehouse full of everything you can think of.

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