Have a Small Bathroom? Pedestal Sink Inspirations

Pedestal sinks not only save space in a small bathroom, but they can also add visual interest. Pedestal sinks originated in the early 1900s, but remain a timeless, classic style, offered in many different sizes, shapes, and materials to work within a variety of bathroom spaces. Here are some of our personal favorites.

Pedestal sinks work well in guest bathrooms, children's bathrooms, and small bathrooms. They are rather inexpensive and a nice selection can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's. We searched through past house tours and other online resources to find a round up of inspirational bathrooms incorporating pedestal sinks.

First Row:

Second Row:

  • Bathroom with White Hexagon Marble Tiles: Decor Pad
  • Traditional Bathroom: Coastal Living
  • Bathroom with Yellow Wallpaper: House and Home
  • Classic Bathroom: How Stuff Works

Other Inspiring Bathrooms:

(Images: Decor Pad, Plumber Surplus, Coastal Living, House and Home, How Stuff Works)

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