We look forward to Small Spaces Month because it's wall to wall inspiration. Today we take a look at small space bedrooms. Even though the featured bedrooms are small — and in some cases micro — they can still capture the luster of a well-designed home.

Top Row:

  • Bedroom Nook: Sometimes closets and nooks become a bedroom. At least you know you will not fall off the bed in the middle of the night.
  • Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon: It is a hotel room vs. a residential bedroom; however, we could not resist sharing this great use of space. We don't have any need to visit Portland, but we are tempted to take a weekend vacation to explore the brilliance of this small hotel.
  • Stockholm Apartment: These are quite tight quarters, but we love the sunlight splashing warmth on the bed.
  • A Small Swedish Bedroom: We love the vibrant wallpaper on the back wall. It adds interest and personality to the small area.
  • Micro Stockholm Apartment: We need to delete the adjective "small" from our vocabulary when describing our apartment. The micro-sized apartment puts it in perspective regarding what are our real necessities.

Bottom Row:

  • Bedroom with Bedup Bed: The murphy bed alternative is stored in the ceiling instead of inside the wall or closet.
  • Small Stockholm Apartment: We enjoy the blue accent background to an almost pure white bedroom.
  • White Home in Charlottenlund: Back to the all white bedroom, glamourous or stark, you can be the judge. Because only a twin bed is used, the space appears larger than actuality.
  • Mediterranean Bed Nook: Another bedroom nook that you can crawl into after a long day.
  • Open Bedroom Apartment: We are impressed how a small space can be so glamourous. It would work perfect for us because when we are finished eating dinner we sometimes want to lounge in the bedroom right after.

Images: Morning's Light blog, Flickr Member Stef Monk, Innerstads Specialisten, Freshome blog, Yatzer, Home Dug, Emmas Design Blogg, The Style Files blog