Greener Lifestyles Chaise Lounge

Pop bottle stuffing for the back pillows is an option on this chaise lounge from Greener Lifestyles. The design is fresh (we like the white stitching on the dark brown fabric) and the materials are earth friendly. It is made from organic wool upholstery, natural latex rubber, an fsc certified solid wood frame and those recycled pop bottles, naturally.

It looks comfortable and would be a versatile piece for a small apartment. It wouldn't overpower a seating area and could "float" in a room with an awkward set up, which is often a bane of small space decorating.

Priced at $1750, it's an investment, but, at least, it's one you can feel good about. In addition to the non-toxic materials, Greener Lifestyles products are 100% fair trade.

More info can be found here.