Vintage Pick: The Surprise Doll

Vintage Pick: The Surprise Doll

Julia Cho
Jun 22, 2009

Every time we go over our mom's, there's something else from our childhood waiting for us- something that she saved in the hopes of giving to our children someday. Some thing are a little too musty and out-of-date for us, but books from our childhood are happily accepted. Today we saw this book and it took us right back...

This sweet story is from the 1940's and tells the tale of a little girl whose father is a sea captain. Every time he goes away, he brings her a doll from the country he's visited. She has six dolls and decides she needs seven- one for each day of the week. Readers wait with suspense to see what kind of doll the dollmaker she asks to make her a doll, will make her. In the end, the doll looks just like her. It's available here.

It's amazing how just a glimpse of a book from childhood evokes such memory and feeling.

Share with us the book or books that you read to your children that were your favorites as a child!

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