Look! How Are You Doing After the Storm?

Look! How Are You Doing After the Storm?

Janel Laban
Aug 5, 2008

We spent about 20 minutes chatting with our neighbors in the basement of our building last night, riding out the tornado warning and admiring the newest building resident - a two week old baby girl sleeping away in a sling. Post storm, our building and street is fine BUT, as we went on our daily run through the neighborhood this morning, the picture wasn't as rosy...

...with quite a few trees down and debris everywhere.

We snapped the above picture of a sad sight - a really big, mature tree lost to the storm...with an unhappy "good morning" waiting for the owner of the black car which is trapped below.

We're wondering how our fellow Chicagoans are doing this morning - here's hoping your power is up, basement is dry, trees are still standing and that you enjoyed a little neighborly camaraderie during the storm.

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