How many of us live far apart from our family, where "seeing" one another may be limited to a Facetime or Skype video call...perhaps a once a year holiday visit if you're fortunate? Photographer John Clang combined technology (Skype+digital projector) and photography for his series, Being Together, documenting satellite family members projected together with their far-off parents, grandparents, and extended family members in a touching light...

John Clang, as interviewed by The Atlantic:

"In these images, I am marking the time for these families, enabling them to remember these strange moments of togetherness with the technology presently available. The picture doesn't stop here, it lingers on in their memory. It embraces the intimacy and closeness of a family, no matter how far apart they are."

The photos capture the bittersweet reality of loving your family, but being physically so far away from one another, the happiness and tinge of sadness visible upon those faces captured for Clang's series. Clang's photos are especially endearing for the various intimate poses of families who share history, but not any physical space except of a virtual kind. See the complete series over at Being Together.

(Photos: John Clang)