Best Kids Parties: Picnic

Best Kids Parties: Picnic

Carrie McBride
Mar 23, 2012

Name: Ryan (3)
Location: Bern, Switzerland

This year I prepared and decorated for the theme 'picnic'. We, our family and friends love fabulous food, so I served quite a broad palette.

There were baguettes filled with avocado and bacon, filled with ham and cucumbers and for meat lovers filled with bacon and ham. I made parmesan cookies and served them with little salads and baby tomatoes. I made Focacchia filled with home-made antipasti and offered fresh chips and crackers. We offered a dessert buffet with fresh chocolate chip cookies, homemade brownies, marshmallows, candyfloss, caramel and sweet popcorn. We had Biberli (a Swiss specialty) on a stick. We also had fresh blueberries and Maltesers served in small cans as well fresh grapes.

To drink we offered different Falvos of Belvoir Lemonade and also had fresh gingerale/lemon punch. As the highlight we served Ryan a birthday cake made of white chocolate creamcheese frosting decorated with a self-made birthday flags. The party area got decorated with red and white balloons & a birthday garland.

Thanks Jeanine! Readers, visit her at Jeanine Linder Photography.

(Images: Jeanine Linder)


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