Postgreen Tries the $100k House

Postgreen Tries the $100k House

Jonathan B.
May 12, 2008

Postgreen, a building outfit in Philadelphia, is the latest to try to combine two words we do not hear often enough: green and affordable. They've assembled a team and come up with a design for a $100k house that will be built in Philadelphia. We like the clean, modern looks -- and we're hoping they can pull it off.

This is the same goal that occupied Karrie Jacobs, who wrote a book about it called The Perfect $100000 House.)

Nonetheless, it looks like Postgreen is at least leaving out the word "perfect" -- and that $100k Postgreen is talking about refers to the construction cost of the house; it's expected to sell for $200-$250k, which reflects the cost of the land, design, engineering, and, of course, the profit.

We're getting errors trying to get past the front page of the Postgreen site, but there's a full set of renderings over at Flickr. We like the creative use of the Hardie siding.

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