Post-Vacation Day-Off: A Glorious Day of Chores

Post-Vacation Day-Off: A Glorious Day of Chores

Tess Wilson
Jun 30, 2014
(Image credit: Misty Adair)

It finally happened: I returned from a vacation with an extra day off before going back to work! It was such a vast improvement over the sleep-deprived scrambles of all of my previous reentries, I could hardly believe it. Here's how we spent our precious time...

This was a rather busy, ambitious day, thanks in part to the fact that I was sick. If I'd been in fine form, I might have insisted on a bit more cocktails-on-the-patio time, but as it was we figured we might as well power through. Well, powering through alternated with some naps for yours truly...

Bought groceries: The first, most essential task. Sure, we had dried pasta and canned tomatoes on hand, but fresh vegetables and wine are essential after travel.

Garden walk: One of our very favorite "chores", this simply involves strolling around the garden taking note of what's new, what's amazing, what's ready, what's struggling, and what's becoming an issue. A summer's week away makes for an intense garden walk.

Picked, hulled, and froze strawberries: We'd given our sweet neighbors permission to pick all the strawberries they desired during our week's absence, but there were still enough for the two of us to pick steadily for at least 45 minutes. I then cleaned and hulled enough to fill 5 quart freezer bags, and saved the rest for using fresh this week.

Bought and installed tomato cages: Plentiful rain and sun while we were gone encouraged our tomato plants to shoot up far more than expected, but we were still able to wrangle them into cages.

Picked kale and spinach: These are our first ready-to-harvest crops, and it was important to me to harvest all the mature leaves to ensure further production.

Made kale, spinach, and tempeh pizza: See above.

Mowed lawn: I am clueless when it comes to all lawn-related matters, but apparently it really needed it.

Bought ant repellant: When the humans are away, the ants will play, apparently. Never saw a solitary ant before, but now they're here.

Cleaned all kitchen surfaces: See above.

Weeded garden: Hoo boy, when the humans are away the weeds will really play. This project is not yet completed, nor will it ever be completed.

Unpacked and put away suitcases: Well, one of us did. I've been sick!

Washed and put away three loads of laundry: Despite our best efforts before departing, and despite doing as much laundry as possible in our vacation house, we still managed to overflow the hamper. Fortunately, all dirty laundry was dispatched before work on Monday.

Went through the mail: There was quite a lot of business to attend to, of course, back to the real world and all that. Fun update: I finally received my Medicaid card, as well as a letter from the federal government letting me know that I don't qualify for Medicaid. Can I go back to the beach now, please?

If you're lucky enough to have an extra day off after vacation, how do you use the time?

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