Pottery Barn Find: Chalkboard Bookmark Stakes

Pottery Barn Find: Chalkboard Bookmark Stakes

Julia Cho
Jun 4, 2007

It feels like we get a new Pottery Barn catalog about every week. Usually, they're pretty much the same. But every now and then we find a new product or inspiring photo, so it's usually worth a quick flip- through.

This time, we spotted these Chalkboard Bookmark Stakes. They're made of solid pine, come with chalkboard on both sides, and a couple of pieces of chalk. More info below...

Yes, on the surface they're yet another trendy chalkboard product, and we're not sure we could find a use for them in an adult home. But for $19 for a set of 5, we're pretty sure they'd be a fun accessory in a toddler or child's room.

Remember we blogged about Lulu's Library/Reading Nook a while back? I bet she's eyeing these right now.

There have got to be some other creative uses for these though. Anyone have any ideas?

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