Potty Training Incentive: Achievement Crown

In light of yesterday's discussion about potty training, we wanted to show you an incentive idea that one of our readers shared with us: a crown for your child to wear upon their "throne."

Using small rewards like stickers or treats is a successful strategy for many parents in the throes of potty training their child. Riffing on the idea of felt birthday crowns (like Remington's), Amida made a plain felt crown for her daughter. As both incentive and reward, she sews a button of her daughter's choice onto the crown after each successful session. Her daughter loves choosing a button from Amida's collection and, as you can see, she is making a lot of progress - you might even call it a "crowning achievement" (har, har, har).

You can check out more of Amida's good ideas on her blog, Journey Into Unschooling (remember the grocery store she made for her kids?)