Potty3 (Concept) by KinderPal

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Some people reinvent the wheel while others reinvent the step stool. Potty3 modular step pads had a showing at last year's ABC Kids Expo, but haven't come to market yet. We're certainly intrigued by these wide, stackable pads - would you buy them?

The invention of a mom of three boys, the step pads are intended to provide more stability than a traditional step stool for kids to reach the toilet and sink and to step into the tub or be used as a kneeling cushion or bench for an adult. We could also imagine these used to elevate kids at a kitchen counter or worktable.

The downside we see is that they may be impractical for small homes and could be a nuisance in a bathroom shared by kids and adults. What do you think of this idea?

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