Pratt Students' Exhibit: Design for a Dollar

Pratt Students' Exhibit: Design for a Dollar

Maxwell Ryan
May 20, 2009

The Pratt booth was particularly good this year. The title of their show was Design for a Dollar, and industrial design students were challenged with coming up with original designs that could be made for a dollar. As always, it is limit setting that makes design interesting.

More info and pics below...

We chose a few to highlight - ones we thought were both creative, useful and beautiful.

>> Orange Votive Candles by David Steinvurzel: Created with soy based wax and discarded orange peels. Davidsteinvurzel @ gmail dot com

>> Drip Plate by Catherine Merrick: Made by melting wax onto an existing plate and sandblasting away the exposed areas. These are then recovered with food-safe sealer. Apparently, David Alhadeff had expressed interest in selling these in his store, The Future Perfect, before we went by. CatherineMerrick @ gmail dot com

>> Scissors by Brian Persico: Laser cut scissors come directly from discarded saw blades and are then polished. I picked up a pair and they worked very nicely! brian.p.persico @ gmail dot com