Pre-Travel Pile: Do You Make One?

Pre-Travel Pile: Do You Make One?

Tess Wilson
Oct 2, 2012

I'm sure it goes without saying that I edited and arranged my pre-travel pile before taking this photo — it was really more of a pre-travel heap. Of doom. But just suspend your disbelief so we can discuss how to best handle setting things aside for an upcoming trip, when it's too early to bust out the suitcases…

Obviously, I'll be packing much (much) more stuff, but these are some of the major things I don't want to forget. If I put my host-gift coffee away in the cupboard, it will likely be forgotten, and the same goes for my book and audiobook if they were on the bookshelf. I definitely don't want to leave behind my sparkly $5 iPhone case (I'll be attending a formal event), ribbon for a gift, homemade postcard kit, vegan snacks for the plane, and (fully-charged) proper camera. I guess I could just put all these things away, and pull them out when I pack the night before my trip, but many of them don't have a place to be put away. I don't have a ribbon drawer (sadly), or a phone accessories bin, or a box full of kits (though that would be awesome), so for me it makes the most sense to just keep adding to my pile in the weeks before my trip. I throw little gifts and treats onto the heap and corral my plane-reading material — this helps me resist reading everything before I fly.

Do you do something similar? Or do you always have a place for everything and everything in its place, even if everything includes gifts and packaging you'll only own for a week? I am definitely up for suggestions on how to improve or even avoid the pre-travel heap of doom…

(Image: Tess Wilson)

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