Pregnant Juno Dates for the Oscars
Faith Durand
Feb 22, 2008

Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with a baby...almond? We don't usually go for cutesy themed food at our parties, but this happens to be one of our favorite appetizers and it just goes so well with the little movie-that-could. See our recipe for Pregnant Juno Dates and find out how easy it is wrap some dates up in bacon and call it an appetizer.

More from The Kitchn below, including how to find cheap olive oil, recipes for no-knead challah bread and no-cream mushroom sauce, and a space-maker for small kitchens.

• This week's recipes: Oat, Pear and Raspberry Loaf, Frisee Salad with Red Currants, No-Knead Challah Bread, Rich No-Cream Wild Mushroom Pasta Sauce, and Poached Pears and Red Wine Syrup.

Space Maker: Corner Cutting Board

Golden Dream Cocktail - A Creamsicle for grownups! For the Oscars.

Supermarket Saver: How Much Should I Pay for Olive Oil?

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