Premana Professional Knives by Sanelli

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.28.13

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Premana Professional Knives by Sanelli

• from $47.25

Last year, when I moved into my new home, I only bought three Sanelli Premana professional knives for my kitchen. Why? Because they were really sharp, strong and easy to hold, AND because I could throw them into the dishwasher safely due to their tough rubber handles (I keep them on the side away from other objects). A year later I still swear by them. I need to sharpen them a bit more often due to the heat and detergent, but I don't need knives that telegraph "high class" and are really high maintenance. These professional knives rock. The three I use are:
- Premana Professional 7 Inch Cooks Knife - Indented Japanese Knife 18 Cm. - Premana Professional 12 Inch Cooks Knife

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