Prepara Power Plant

Prepara Power Plant

Jonathan B.
Sep 18, 2008

Have you seen this gizmo? It's a miniature hydroponic garden—and a very attractive one at that. Despite our love of anything that promises to improve our feeble gardening skills, we've got one little problem with it...

It plugs in! There's a pump that circulates nutrient solution to the plants, which helps them to grow more quickly.

Even with our decidedly un-green thumb, we're managing not to kill the pot of basil that's lived on the kitchen table for the past couple months. And it's doing just fine without the benefit of electricity. Perhaps our gardening skills are better than we thought, and the Power Plant is meant for indoor gardeners who really need all the help they can get.

Check out the Prepara Power Plant. (NB: A video with music starts automatically at that link.) What do you think about this little gizmo? Green design, or just good design?

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