Prepping for the Parents: When You Can't Afford to Furnish?

Prepping for the Parents: When You Can't Afford to Furnish?

Grace Shu
Sep 8, 2008

This week, we are tasked by a good friend to please, pretty please help him get his near-empty apartment ready as his parents are coming in for a visit and staying with him (Disclaimer: The photo above isn't of our bachelor friend, but his apartment looking almost exactly like that). The problem? He's a struggling actor, and therefore, the budget is shoestring nonexistent. His apartment consists of: a queen-sized bed, a desk, an office chair, and a TV. And that's it.

Considering that his parents are staying for only three nights, we're suggesting just making sure that the apartment is clean and the bathroom is adequately stocked with towels, toilet paper, etc. After all, why stress out over buying a sofa (especially if you can't afford it and/or don't have the time to scavenge?) And while we understand his reasons behind his escalating panic attacks (i.e., wanting to make his place seem nice so his parents won't worry about his seven-day ramen diet), we're gently nudging him to fill up their visit with family-friendly Hollywood-themed activities (WB studio tour! Mann Chinese Theater! A taping of Jay Leno!). Besides, isn't spending time with the parents ultimately more important than having a couch to sit on?

How do you prepare for parental visits? Share it with us in the comments...

[ Photo from Bealluc's Flickr ]

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