Preserving Family Memories in the Home

Preserving Family Memories in the Home

Amanda Johnson
Mar 21, 2011
Did your ancestors keep any collections? Group them together in your own home to carry on the tradition.

A house is made of four walls and usually is full of objects intended for functional use. A home, however is more than just a place of refuge. For me, the things I choose to fill my home should not only reflect my personal style and create a comfortable environment, but they should be full of meaning and personal history. If you have a loving family, count yourself lucky, and pay them homage by including their memories in your home.

Some ways you can display family memories in your home:

  • Display the collections of a loved one who has passed away.
  • Tape or tack up some old casual snapshots of a loved one as a part of your own art display.
  • Frame old letters or cards from family members.
  • Instead of hiding away old craft projects from your family member, work them into a decorative display.
  • Frame, hang, or display family heirlooms that used to live in boxes in your closet.
  • If your belated loved one had a home-related pastime, take it upon yourself to continue it up on your own.

Images: Amanda Johnson
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