Pretty Patriotic Artwork To Teach Little Ones

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Growing up my aunt used to have every horrible piece of country crafty wall art hanging in her house. I can deal with roosters and chickens, but when "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be discreet and wipe the seat" comes out, I head for the hills. That said, it doesn't mean I didn't memorize it from looking at it every week. Encourage your kids to memorize something more fruitful, like the Gettysburg Address perhaps?

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Lara of Less Cake More Frosting primed and painted over a piece of inexpensive metal wall art from a hobby shop and added the words to the Gettysburg Address in vinyl that she cut out on her Silhouette.

It's far more attractive than any of those old country crafty signs and has a far more educational meaning to it. Check out Lara's full tutorial on Less Cake More Frosting

(Images: Less Cake More Frosting)

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