(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Bathrooms can be a perfect place to display collections (if you've got the space of course). It's one area that, because of scale, you can look at things close up and really look at what's around you: while you're in the bath, getting ready for work or brushing your teeth. So we like the idea of something pretty and natural staring back at us.

Until recently we didn't have any counter space to speak of so there was no way we were going to display anything unless it was on the floor or the wall. (A note here: don't put paper prints in the bathroom if you don't want them slowly destroyed by humidity). But now that we have some space, we're considering what small ways we can showcase some of our collections without it getting overwhelming or cluttered. We love these shells from a housetour that we did and are still looking for a place to display the different rocks we've collected over time.