Preview: NaturaLatex Tranquil by Natura

A Year in Bed

Bed: NaturaLatex Tranquil Mattress
Manufacturer: Natura
Retail Price: $1,399.99 for full set

Just last week we moved into our January bed, which is a great side by side comparison to last month's bed, the Sealy Embody. Both beds are latex foam based and spongy, but Natura is a green company that markets themselves as selling "natural sleep solutions." Accordingly, this bed came with all sorts of green bells and whistles, including a green tea & aloe fragrance mister and an Aloe Dream Mate Latex pillow.


I met Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura's co-founder, at the Highpoint Furniture Market last spring and he was the one who gave me the idea for this whole Year in Bed. He challenged me by saying that he could definitely make me sleep better, if I tried one of his beds. He also impressed me with his devotion to finding green solutions in a category where materials and price point make it very challenging to go green.

Natura has MANY types of beds at many price points, and I asked to try one that would be a good fit for our readers. They recommended the Tranquil as being right in the middle of their line and not 100% green. It's a combination of 66% natural and green elements, coupled with non green elements for optimum comfort (100% organic foam can be very stiff). Their 100% organic beds get very expensive.

What Do We Think So Far?

Right away, Sara said she loved this bed best, which was a pretty strong and unusual start. It IS comfortable, and it does seem to achieve a nice, spongy, cozy supporting feeling WITHOUT being hot at all.

The Prediction?

While this bed does not have the big brand marketing or sexy look at feel of some of the other beds, I predict that this one will become a front runner after this month. Why? Because I like it already and Sara, who hasn't liked anything, loves it.

Do you sleep on a Natura Bed? If yes, please let me know in the comments how it's going for you.


Bed Rankings to Date (Price aside, what's the best sleep?) - 12.13.10

1. Hastens Excelsior II
2. Embody Memory Foam Stillness Plus Bed by Sealy
3. IKEA Erfjord


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