Last year we had some really great entries for our Small Cool Contest. To keep the inspiration flowing as we roll out this year's entries, we put together a roundup of some of our favorites from 2009 &mdash all between 900-1200 square feet!

&bull Janet's Peaceful Modern 1200 square feet.
&bull Matthew & Chloe's Corset Factory 1150 square feet.
&bull Lane's Style on a Budget 1100 square feet.
&bull Alex Darling's Unbroken Space 1100 square feet.
&bull William & William's Eclectic Graystone 950 square feet.
&bull Ali's Sense of Intimacy 914 square feet.
&bull Joel & Maria's Miami Modern 988 square feet.
&bull Dave & Amy's Creative Solutions 960 square feet.
&bull Chau's Bushwick Loft 1127 square feet.
&bull Kate Heffernan's Giant Windows & Blue Burlap 950 square feet.