Great Small Spaces: 900 to 1200 Square Feet

Inspiration from Small Cool 2009

Last year we had some really great entries for our Small Cool Contest. To keep the inspiration flowing as we roll out this year's entries, we put together a roundup of some of our favorites from 2009 &mdash all between 900-1200 square feet!

&bull Janet's Peaceful Modern 1200 square feet.
&bull Matthew & Chloe's Corset Factory 1150 square feet.
&bull Lane's Style on a Budget 1100 square feet.
&bull Alex Darling's Unbroken Space 1100 square feet.
&bull William & William's Eclectic Graystone 950 square feet.
&bull Ali's Sense of Intimacy 914 square feet.
&bull Joel & Maria's Miami Modern 988 square feet.
&bull Dave & Amy's Creative Solutions 960 square feet.
&bull Chau's Bushwick Loft 1127 square feet.
&bull Kate Heffernan's Giant Windows & Blue Burlap 950 square feet.