Restoration Hardware Presents Classical Reproduction Furniture in Mini Sizes

Most of us don't invest a lot of money into limited lifespan furniture sized for children, but we still noted with interest a new collection from Restoration Hardware of classic furniture designs scaled down for kids.

These chairs along with the rest of the small line from Restoration Hardware aim to give you long lasting classic pieces that will continue to look great throughout history and in your home. Pictured above are the Mini Professor ($499), Mini French Wingback ($429), Mini Vintage French Chair ($229), Petite Madeleine Play Chair ($89, inspired by Parisian café seating) and, the priciest, the Mini 1950's Copenhagen Chair ($1119).

These may not be the most practical (or affordable) options for your home, but they certainly don't scream "kiddie!" You can find more details at Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.

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