Princess and the Pea Divan

Maxwell’s Daily Find 08.08.11

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Princess and the Pea Divan

• @ $3,718 on sale through 8.20
Calypso Home

In my recent Color Cure Video, a lot of people asked where we got our sofa from, so I thought I'd put it up as a Daily Find and get out the info. It's called The Princess and the Pea Divan, made by Caravane of France, and it's a great solution for small homes with tight fits as far as trying to get furniture through halls and doorways is concerned. It's also a fabulous extra bed since the cushions slide off to create a twin or a queen sized bed.

I bought it at Calypso a few years ago and I don't think they still sell them, but they should be available elsewhere by contacting Caravane's Paris office I just found out that they are still selling them AND that they are on sale right now. The whole story of finding this sofa can be read here in this post - New Family Home #8: Honey, We Have a Sofa!.

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