Carrie McBride
Jan 26, 2009

Do you need a pop of modern in your room? Or perhaps a modern touch of pop? Ryan combined her two favorite art aesthetics- art and pop - to create ModernPOP. Her prints are fresh, colorful and many incorporate alphabet and counting motifs which we know you love.

Ryan's working on individual alphabet prints ($12) and so far has completed A-F. We especially appreciate how gender neutral they are. If you'd like the whole alphabet (or number) packed into one print, she has a few options for that ($20).

Who doesn't like robots (except the ones in movies out to exterminate the human race)? "Madge, Goggy, and Kirgy" are a sweet trio of prints ($20) geared toward robot lovers.

ModernPOP also offers personalized birthday invitations in several bright, modern designs ($18 for 10).

Find all this goodness and more at ModernPOP on Etsy.

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