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House Beautiful's annual Small Spaces issue is about to hit the newsstands and they gave me a sneak peek at their big, twelve point guide to making the most of any size home. While the whole feature is definitely worth a read, I was most intrigued by the tidbits that come from the pros; the tricks that those who do design for a living think make the biggest difference in small spaces...


Miles Redd: Go for a dark, moody color if you want it, but do it in a high-gloss, lacquer-like finish. With that reflective quality it doesn't look dark so much as rich.

Barry Dixon: Saturate a space in one medium or dark color. Use it on every wall, the doors, all the trim, and the ceiling. It takes away all the boundaries.

Erinn Valencich: If it's already small and dark, make it darker! The in feels deliberately intimate.

Patrick Wade: When everything is neutral, everything works together. If things are all different colors, it can be overwhelming.


Graham Hill: The extra functionality that one more closet gives you is worth any tiny square footage sacrificed for it.

Bill Haney: The design elements that give you the best quality of life have nothing to do with square footage. Things like copious windows or two layers of insulation  - which drops utility bills and makes your house quieter - enhance your enjoyment of home.


Ken Fulk: Use two small round tables instead of one big coffee table. They're better for traffic flow than one of those huge knee knockers, and easier to move.

Barbara Barry: A mirror opens up and brings light into a dark space. It's like creating an extra window.

Maxwell Ryan: Any space feels bigger when you leave some things out. Emptiness allows the eye to rest.

Clare Donohue: Choose one set of dishes for all occasions, one saute pan, and one set of glasses - those stemless wineglasses work for juice, cocktails, wine, milk. Live only with what you love and use daily.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
For more of House Beautiful's strategies, tips and inspirations for small spaces, pick up the July/August issue or visit House Beautiful online

(Image: House Beautiful)