Problem Solver: Recycling Magnets

Problem Solver: Recycling Magnets

Sarah Coffey
Feb 18, 2009

We have yet to label our recycling containers. Even though it's easy for us to remember which bin is paper and which is plastic, we always have a problem when company comes over. Trash is inevitably tossed in with the recycling, or paper gets mixed in with plastic.

It would be easy enough to print some labels, but the design geek in us has been looking for something a little nicer. These recycling magnets from SimpleHuman are simple, affordable - just what we've been waiting for...

Sold in 6-packs for $5.99, the magnets include signs for trash, recycling, paper, plastic, glass (not shown), and aluminum (not shown). If you don't use metal bins, these would still look good glued onto plastic containers. For more information or to purchase, click here.

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