Packaging: Use It Again?

Packaging: Use It Again?

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 29, 2006

This tip came in from a reader and we found it admirable but certainly off-beat. Although we love Apple packaging as packaging as well, we are not lovers of product labels, etc around the house. We wondered how many others would be into this and wonder if packaging, even altered a bit with paint, paper covers might be a trend or is it just craziness?

Here's a great way to save money, spruce up your apartment, and reduce waste.

If you buy something small and have a nice-looking product box, then save it and use it as a decoration. Small cubbyholes or nooks and crannies can be spiced up for free and do the environment a favor. From consumption and waste to useful art.

I happen to be partial to Apple products so I use their excellently designed boxes in my apartment instead of buying more stuff to decorate with. I save money, and save on the landfill. -Mike -regina

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