Marshall Brings Professional Sound Equipment Into the Home

Marshall Brings Professional Sound Equipment Into the Home

Range Govindan
Sep 18, 2012

You may remember the name Marshall Amps from your high school band back in the day, or you may be familiar with their products if you frequent recording studios. Recently, the age-old company has ventured into the consumer market. Here is some of their new tech that you'll want to check out the next time you're buying speakers or headphones.

1. Hanwell Speaker: This is Marshall's first foray into the consumer audio market, and it will be released for their 50th anniversary this year. It sports their iconic design, and is intended to be used in homes, not recording studios. The analog controls alone are pretty unique.

2. Minor Earphones: These earphones come in a variety of different models and colors (black, white, black with metal), with an attractive design. They pack 15.4mm drivers.

3. Major Headphones: These headphones also have Marshall's iconic design, and pack 40mm drivers, ensuring that you'll enjoy your music no matter how loud your environment. While they don't have active noise-cancellation, they look pretty comfortable.

More Professional-Quality Headphones:

4. V-Moda Crossfade LP: While their looks might not please everybody, these sound very good for their price, making them a suitable headphone in any number of situations.

5. Sennheiser Momentum: These headphones are covered in Pittards leather and cost significantly more, but they feel very good on your ears.

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