DIY Project Essentials: Shopping for a Basic Beginner Sewing Machine

DIY Project Essentials: Shopping for a Basic Beginner Sewing Machine

Claire Bock
Feb 27, 2013

For the last few decades, sewing was not seen as a valuable asset. Gone are the days when sewing was a mandatory skill in home economics class and so there are fewer men and women in their twenties and thirties who know how to sew than in generations past.

Until a year ago, I was of the glue gun school for sewing. I thought the glue gun could tackle any DIY project that I had, unfortunately I have come to learn the hard way that this isn't always the case.

Like many antiquated arts, sewing is quickly gaining popularity and becoming mainstream once again. I learned how to sew at a sewing café in London that specializes in replacing those home economics courses that no longer exist in schools. I really love being able to have this extra skill in my crafting repertoire, however I needed to purchase an all-around sewing machine. There are so many machines for all different levels, but here is a basic round up of some entry level machines.

1. Brother CS6000i: This machine is a great price with loads of features and a simple user interface. It ranks as one of the most popular sewing machine buys on amazon with tons of great reviews. Quite simply a great machine for beginners that will help further your sewing skills.

2. Janome 8077: My personal choice in sewing machine is a Janome, after originally purchasing a Singer Brilliance machine that continued to break. I am a bit biased towards this machine, but I think that Janome really understands the computerized system that the machines are based around today.

3. Singer 4411: The most recognized name in sewing and the brand that everyone's mother tells them to go for. I know that Singer produced amazing machines prior to the computerized era, and many people love their modern Singer machines today, so I had to add one to the list. I added a basic Singer without the computerized functions of some of the other machines in this post due to my epic failure with the Singer Brilliance machine. This machine receives a recommendation from Good Housekeeping for a great beginner machine.

4. SY from IKEA: By far the cheapest machine out there, but worth a shot if you are really just interested in a few stitches and staying a basic sewer. This seems to be the go-to sewing machine that is an ultimate impulse buy for crafters. The fabric department at IKEA is one of my favorites now, so this machine would be worth a shot for $70.

5. Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116: At the high-end price range is a Swedish made sewing machine. Viking machines are built to last decades, but might be a bit too intricate of a machine for the beginning sewer.

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