Project SCRAP: Imaginatively Restored Furniture by M Design

Project SCRAP: Imaginatively Restored Furniture by M Design

Back in my college days, one of the best ways to score free furniture was to scour campus housing right after everyone moved back home for the summer. You could find tons of perfectly fine desks, dressers, beds — anything you might need, and perfect for a student's budget (FREE!). So imagine how much fun it must be to live in Quebec, a province with an unofficial moving day for all renters on July 1. Montréal designer Marjolaine Poulin of M Design takes full advantage of this 'holiday' and rescues free furniture off the streets and transforms them into beautifully restored pieces.

On the July 1 moving day, known as La Fête du déménagement, Marjolaine Poulin searches the backstreets of Montreal in hopes of finding hidden gems of furniture to save and restore with a new coat of paint or piece of fabric. From her portfolio we'd say she's been quite successful — here are a few of our favorite M Design transformations:

Shown above the jump from left to right

1 Namaska, $110
2 Chibougameau, $85
3 Inverness, $110
4 School desk, $110
5 Safe Scratched, $60

See the before and afters of each piece at M Design's Picasa album.

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(Images: Marjolaine Poulin)

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