Bedside Projection Clocks

Bedside Projection Clocks

Mar 1, 2007

Reader Ann (in Reno) sent us in pursuit of a projection clock after she professed love for hers in a comment last week.

Projection clocks throw a digital readout of the time onto the ceiling above your bed, or wherever you direct the projector.

These clocks are a brilliant solution for the bedside tables of contact lens wearers, who otherwise have to fumble for their glasses in the dark. A sleepy pawing of the largish projection button, and voila, the time is projected onto the ceiling. You can quickly confirm that it's way too early to be awake with a minimum of rousing effort.

The clocks are all rather small, not much bigger than a travel alarm clock. There's even a simple model designed by Phlippe Starck that's on sale right now for $15.

Other designs and models are available here.

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