When you think of polka dots, you might think of a schoolgirl's hair bow or those ribbons high school cheerleaders tie to their shirt sleeves. Or maybe you see polka dots for what they are: A classic pattern that's worthy of a spot in your living room, hallway or even the bedroom.

How to Pull Off Polka Dot Decor:

  • The smaller the dot, the more sophisticated the look.
  • Stick to regular, evenly-spaced dot patterns.
  • Lots of negative space between the dots is a good thing.
  • Keep the colors and combinations mature.

These are good rules of thumb to follow if you want to keep the look sophisticated, but they're certainly not gospel. To really get a hold on how to make a dot pattern work at home, check out these dozen rooms. (And guess what? Many of them do break the rules!)

How do you feel about polka dots? Yay or nay?