Pros & Cons: Video on Instagram vs. Vine

Pros & Cons: Video on Instagram vs. Vine

Julienne Lin
Jul 1, 2013

As announced recently, Instagram now allows their users to record and share up to 15 seconds of video with a new set of filters created just for video content. Does this mean people will migrate from Vine's shorter 6 second looping videos to Instagram to document their lives? Here are the major differences between the two...

Video for Instagram

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook and Vine owned by Twitter, it comes as no surprise Facebook added video capabilities in reaction to Vine's notable adoption rate. Instagram has been around for almost 3 years, with a reported 100 million users ; 5 million videos were uploaded within 24 hours of the video capture announcement.


  • 13 custom filters designed specifically for video                                                                                             
  • Cinema Mode for stabilization
  • Up to 15 seconds of video
  • Editing capability
  • User can select thumbnail image


  • Low sharing behavior outside of Instagram platform
  • No looping option
  • No embedding capabilities
  • 15 seconds results in occasional lag in load time


Vine has gained incredible popularity since it launched at the start of this year. Vine videos are currently the most shared video links on Twitter, where Instagram has yet to become established. Vine's interface is incredibly simple and the 6-second cap can actually be an advantage at times, forcing users to get creative and make every second count.


  • Extremely simple interface
  • No forced sharing
  • Looping video
  • Embedding capability
  • Faster load time


  • No editing capability
  • Time constraint
  • Smaller userbase

Like many social platforms, the battle between Video for Instagram and Vine isn’t really about which one is “better”, but really more about their intended use, and arguably your own online social circles. Instagram already allows users to capture beautiful moments in life and stylize them with an assortment of filters. However video is different, as that same beautification and stylizing process can prove more difficult capturing video on the phone versus a single image snapshot. The new feature may draw in a savvier user base capable of creating more artistic content, while the animated GIF-like appeal of Vine may remain popular amongst those who just want to capture snippets of their life, quickly and easily. 

For now, I’m sticking with both.

Are you on Instagram, Vine or both? 

(Images: 1. Taken by Julienne Lin)

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