Punkt. DECT DP 01 Cordless Telephone by Jasper Morrison

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.08.12

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Punkt. DECT DP 01 Cordless Telephone by Jasper Morrison

• $245

I spotted this at the Gift Fair last week and liked it. For those of us who still have landlines at home and want a good, cool cordless phone - not a super plastic, multi button wand that resembles a TV remote - this is for you (though far more expensive!). I guess I just trust Jasper Morrison at this point. :-) "Punkt. DP01 offers the simplicity of a modern DECT-Telephone that works just like one expects a telephone to work: phone. No knick-knacks and no "advanced" functions: with DP01 there is nothing more but the simple communication with a telephone that possesses a unique design doubtlessly eye-catching for everyone. Visual answering machine Over the visual interface after the date it is possible to hear the new calls on a simple way; you do only choose the calls that you want to hear without a necessary interception of the whole time sequence. 100 contacts You can save up to 100 entries with 3 different numbers for each contact. High audio quality You can conduct a conversation with a crystal clear audio quality."

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