Puppy Piddles: Nature's Miracle

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When I first got Herbie (pictured in all his puppy glory here), he was about 10 lbs and a furry chunk of husky. Not much has changed now, give or take 50 pounds, and the fact that he no longer pees on the rug. I lived in a condo in West Hollywood, and as many of you pet owners will know: taking out a puppy 20 times a day is rough. Especially if you don't have an elevator.

However, there are times when Herbie still has accidents (like the time he ate a bunch of mangos and had...well. You can use your own imagination), and I pretty much tried everything under the sun to get the stain and the stink out without causing more damage to the dog or the rug. For awhile, I was using Resolve, but the smell of that cleaner was nauseating. Ever since my friend and fellow dog-owner Mia recommended Nature's Miracle, I've been sold on it. It's been very effective with getting the stain and the odor out without the reek of product. And now maybe I'll start considering getting Puppy #2....